Production of WATER pumps, in ITALY

Soggia Water Pumps is a company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of 360 degree electric pumps: domestic and industrial surface pumps, submersible for dirty water and submersible pumps from 4 "to 12" for wells, assembling groups of Pressurisation, drivers and all accessories for pumps. Due to our presence on the international scene, we can offer clients the best brands available on the world market today. In particular, we own the exclusive Spanish Coebo brand, known for its attention to technological innovation and carefully selected materials. Innovation is our strength, and it has led us to expand our business network, always offering the latest products in the field of electropump production.

Submersible pumps

The pumps and submersible motors in our range of products are designed to last for a long time, guaranteeing excellent sand resistance. In addition to cast iron, radial and semi-axial pumps up to 10 ", we offer a wide choice of rewindable oil bath, resin and water rewind engines. We also supply pump assemblies already assembled, complete with cable and Control box or inverter system.
Pumps and submersible engines
Pompe sommerse per pozzo
Elettropompa sommergibili, realizzata in acciaio inox e ghisa

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps, made of stainless steel and cast iron, allow drainage and handling of clearwater and charged water. Made using Italian technology and production, they are also the perfect solution for use on site, especially in the construction and excavation of tunnels.
Submersible pumps


Our cast iron surface pumps are ideal for domestic use and irrigation of gardens. In our catalogue you can find a full range of single-flowing, self-priming centrifugal pumps, peripherals and multistage centrifugal pumps, up to standard centrifugal pumps for industrial applications.
Surface Pumps
Elettropompe di superficie per irrigazione SCM
Progettazione della nuova sistemazione del dispositivo driver


To ensure the maximum flexibility and efficiency of our pumps, we offer various types of driver devices such as inverters, on-off systems and electronic pressure switches.
Drivers allow you to manage the pump's power to optimize its results; These are state-of-the-art products born from the research and experience of Coelbo, a leading Spanish company in the industry.
For more information about our products, call  us on +39 049 796 6211
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